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Struise Brouwers, Since 2001

The “Struise” concept is based on creativity, innovation, quality, sustainability and friendship.


We started developing beers anno 2001, at a holiday resort in the village of Lo-Reninge, in a small barn at an ostrich farm called “De Noordhoek”. The first beer we ever developed there, was an Old Style wheat-beer, called “Struise Witte”.
The name “Struise” is taken from Flemish slang for ostrich. Our brewery coat of arms takes it a step further and features a proud ostrich amongst knight’s helmet, shield and feathers. Back in 2003 we decided to go commercial with our latest creation, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale called “Pannepot”. Not with an own installation, for that we did not have the money yet, however, we proceeded as gipsy brewers. First at the Coulier Brewery and later at the nearby Deca Brewery in Woesten / Vleteren.
In 2009, we moved to a school facility in the village of Oostvleteren, and where we’ve been brewing our beers independently since 2012.
The current crew at “Struise” is:
Carlo Grootaert, Brewery Assistant, Public Relations, Sales and Taste Buds at Struise;
Trevor Ketterhagen, Brewery Assistant;
Dion Vandeweghe, Brewer & Barrel Room Curator;
Urbain Coutteau, Brewer & Head of Operations.

Struise Brewery & Pub
Kasteelstraat 50, 8640 Oostvleteren, Belgium


Struise Brewery Oostvleteren: +32 (0)495 28 86 23
Struise Beershop Brugge: +32 (0)474 52 57 22

opening hours

Struise Brewery Oostvleteren: Saturday only: 14:00-18:00
Struise Beershop Brugge: Thu to Saturday: 13:00-18:00

What's on Tap? Not all 30 beers on draft are posted yet... we'll publish them asap

01. Elliot Brew Reserva

ABV 9% - Collab Ale - Vintage 2013 - Cask Strength - Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel

Once made in collaboration with Mikkeller, this batch on tap, matured for six years on Makers Mark Bourbon barrel. This is a cask strength version.

02. Pannepot Reserva

ABV 10% - Vintage 2016 - Chateau Neuf Du Pape Barrel Aged

Carlo has always had a close connection with wooden barrels. It was to his credit, around 2004, that we started ripening Struise beers in oak barrels.

03. Peil ijl

ABV 6%, IBU 30 - Vintage 2019

“Peil ijl”, Flemish for “Low Level”but that’s not what we meant. Phonetically read in Flemish, it sounds like “Pale Ale”. Bottled on June 4th and to be released July 6th 2019 on Vleteren Craft Beer Festival. Limited edition.

04. Minus Bitter

ABV 4.0% - Vintage 2019

Low abv session ale.

05. Saint Amatus

ABV 10.5% - Vintage 2013 - Cask Strength - Woodford Reserve Barrel

is a ma thus … ?

06. Empty Keg

ABV 5.2% IBU 15

Life sucks, but not here. 29 taps with beer left 🙂

07. Rio Dubbel

ABV 8% - Vintage 2018 - Collab Ale

Collaboration ale, a “dubbel” style made with Rio Brewing Company Japan

08. Brewgler

ABV 6% - Collab Ale - Vintage 2019

Collaboration hoppy pale ale, made with the Brewglers from Google

09. Havic

ABV 4,5% - Vintage 2019

Struise approach towards the Pilsner style

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Molenhof bar

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Molenhof resto


Grab a beer

We continuously have +25 beers on draft available in our taproom, and which is open to our public, every Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00

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