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How we started

The “Struise” concept is based on creativity, innovation, quality, sustainablility and friendship. We started our journey into the beerworld anno 2001. It all started at De Noordhoek, an ostrich farm amidst the fields of Lo-Reninge. Our very first beer saw the light of day there. Struise Witte became an old-style wheat beer. “Struise” is taken from Flemish slang for ostrich. Our coat of arms therefore portrays a proud ostrich surrounded by a knight’s helmet, shield and feathers.
In 2003 we decided to go commercial with our latest creation, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale called Pannepot. At that time we didn’t have our own installation yet , so we continued to live as gipsy brewers. We started at the Coulier Brewery and later at the nearby Deca Brewery in Woesten. We moved to a charming old school in Oostvleteren in 2009, where we have been brewing our beers independently since 2012. At the top of our Struise team stands Urbain Coutteau as brewer and head of operations. Dion Vandeweghe reinforces the team as brewer and barrel room curator and Tom Coutteau as brewing assistant.
Urbs at work
Urbain Coutteau

Brewing at Struise

Our Barrel Room

Update 2019: +- 300 of different oak barrels from France, Swiss, Usa, Spain, Scotland, South America, etc...

The Taproom

Tours & Tasting

Our guided tours:

On weekdays, by appointment and only to be determined by mail.


De Struise Brouwers Bieren

We continuously have +25 beers on draft available in our taproom, and which is open to our public, every Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00

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