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Elliot Brew(IPA - Imperial / Double)

A collaboration with Mikkeller
Elliot Brew 3

This is our take on a double IPA. Although some would consider it somewhat ‘Belgian’ in its malt and yeast profile, we definitely crammed in all the juicy, fruity and fresh hops that any hophead could possibly wish for.

With Elliot, we tried to create a refreshing beer that’s dangerously drinkable while still maintaining that unxious mouthfeel that Struise is so renowned for. Being able to either quaffed or sipped, this is one of our most versatile multi-purpose beers.

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Elliot Brew 9

Andre B.

Always a special night when I crack this beer open. Sadly my last one. 2013 edition. Such a great, complex beer that is so satisfying. If anyone sees some dusty ones on a shelf in a galaxy far far away, buy them for me please!

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