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Tsjeeses(Winter Ale)

Tsjeeses 3

Strong blond winterbeer that matured for 8 months on different stonefruits. Tsjeeses was born out of a 5 year brewing experience regarding x-mas beer without being capable of finding a suitable name all that time. With the name came a face, a caricature actually, that was drawn on the day Urbain, our brewing slave, drank too many Tsjeeses’s. Every time he drinks one, he says “Tsjeeses, what a beer”. Therefore the name is more an expression of stupefaction than a curse.

We have had already many discussions around the pronounciation of “Tsjeeses”. Very close would be that you say “cheeses” or cheese in plural.

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[Backlog from Ratebeer] Pours with lots of yeast in it. Taste boozy & of malt, fruits – especially citrus, bread, yeast & sugar. Complex. Full body and lots of carbonation. Very sweet & boozy, but good. Reminds me of Gulden Draak, but a bit more fruity.

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