Collaboration brew "Struise & The Bruery"

On Sunday September 8th, the Struise had a visit from The Bruery. They made together a collaboration bruery style "Black Albert".

It was an early rise, because brewing Black Albert starts always at 7:05 am sharp. The preparations were done the day before, so Urbain and David could start on time. Patrick Rue and his Brue Crew were a bit late, but they came from Bruges... never the less, they arrived at a bit before 8 o'clock. After 5 days of traveling through Belgium, drinking and tasting the finest Belgian beers, in my book that's a real effort and showing a big perseverance for getting to know Belgian beers. Check out their blog.

IMAG0741.jpg   IMAG0742.jpg



After the meet and greet, Urbain, Patrick Rue and Tyler discussed which ingredients and the amount they wanted to add to the Black Albert collaboration Brew recipe. I don't want to give all the details, but there are some "Schaerbeekse krieken" involved. After all the difficult conversions between Imperial and metric systems, we were in need of some good coffee and croissants.
After this break the real work started... "Maish Out", adding some hops and coffee, stirring the wort, vorlauf, Lauf, Boiling, adding more hops...


Tyler checking the wort...


Some good stirring...



Tyler and Patrick adding some different hop varieties... David and Urbain saw all what they did, and it was very good.




Patrick, Tyler and Carl checking the cooling unit... This unit has some history and Urbain has some nice stories about it...



Jorre the new "Schooltje" headbrewer kept everything under control while Patrick and his staff were checking the Barrel room with Urbain and David.



Then, some wise lessons from Urbain and a "little" tasting...

New Struise beers, Old Struise Beers, 1 bottle of a very old Dirty Horse (aged for 30 years!) and quality control of the still ageing new batch of Kamikaze. Carl - the CFO of The Bruery - had some difficult moments, but Patrick was still in great shape and ready for the Next Brewery visit ... Rodenbach.





Another great collaboration... to watch out for.

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