We are proud to announce that the Struise Brouwers, one of Belgium's best breweries, now get their very own bar in central Stockholm.

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Monks Café & Brewery e-news # 162 04 - September - 2013


Monks open Belgian bar

Monks is a concept where beer has always been in the center. From the first restaurant opened in 2006, we have worked hard to promote beer culture in our country. With several thousand kinds of beers served, two breweries and six restaurants in the center of Stockholm, we have always worked to educate about beer culture and make it easier and more fun to enjoy the beer.


Now we open the Struise Bar

We are proud to announce that the Struise Brouwers, one of Belgium's best breweries, now get their very own bar in central Stockholm. The already sophisticated relaxed atmosphere of Monks Whisky Paradise, where we serve upwards of a thousand kinds of whiskey, becomes the venue for the new venture.

Micro brewed beer from Belgium

De Struise Brouwers stands for micro brewed beer with quality as a top priority. Has won awards in virtually every competition they participated in and received international acclaim. When volumes brewed, they have always been small brews, hard to get out of Belgium and rarely reached out to our latitudes.

Big premiere party 25 Sept at. 17:00

Monks Whisky Paradise / de Struise Bar opens on September 25. Inauguration Festival will offer plenty of festivities, including free tastings of beer from Struise Brouwers.

"Tasty, elegant beer that often leads to both surprise and reflection is what the Struise succeed. Struise has an incredible ability to balance the complex flavors, so it's always fun to recommend one of these beers to guests who have not tried them before. We are looking forward to let people discover the magic that Urbain manages to create in his brewery. "

Recep Celik, Marketing

Greet master brewer Urbain Coutteau,
take the chance to hear him talk about his potions
and how they came to life.

Welcome to Munkbron 15

Dedication start 25 September at 17.00. More info to come via our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and on our website, www.monkscafe.se .


A warm welcome!



Book online now!

As the increasingly digitized and people become more connected, we focused on
Online booking also the table.

Just as you could book brewing courses on our website, you will now be able to reserve a table. You choose the restaurant, date, number in your party and click ok. It's as simple as that.

Easier to book

You will receive confirmation of your booking request and a reference number. Normally, we will confirm your reservation within an hour, and at most within 24 hours.

Try it now!

Next time you want to book a table, do it online. We will of course accept bookings via email and telephone just like before, but we hope this makes it easier for those who do not have the time or desire to sit on the phone ..


A warm welcome!


The brewery's little shop - now more beer product


Our own low-alcohol beer has been a huge success, and we are already planning for the beer we brew in the future. Our wide network of makers and suppliers around the world also means that we can bring in a lot of non-alcoholic and alcoholic weak beer that still tastes good beer - so expect that the range will grow steadily.

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Only beer from St. Erik's Brewery!


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