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Na het ophalen van 3 kratten Westvleteren op de terugweg even chocolaatjes halen bij Belgische delicatessen winkel Hemelrijck in Ieper... daar kocht ik een Cuvee Delphine,een black Albert en een Pannepot (vooral omdat de eigenaar leuke verhalen had over de achterliggende reden van de biernamen). Diezelfde avond de Pannepot gedronken met daarna een Westvleteren 12... conclusie: spijt dat ik 3 kratten Westvleteren had en 3 flesjes struise in plaats van omgekeerd. Dit was in 2012
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Jennifer and I were on a trip to Napa Valley in 2009, tasting wines and, during a tasting at Nickel & Nickel Winery, asked one of our fellow attendees what he did as a break from drinking big red wines. He replied that he drank beer and he suggested Trappistes Rochefort, Pliny the Elder, and Racer 5. That evening, we searched the bottle shop in Napa for those beers, finding the Rochefort and the Racer 5 (we would later find Pliny on tap elsewhere in Napa) and a lone bottle of Pannepot, which we purchased on the recommendation of the guy at the store. We honestly didn't think much about the Pannepot and didn't drink it until we were hurriedly trying to finish all of our beers before departing for the airport to go home. We were hooked on that first sip and instantly regretted having not opened it until we were very short on time. We wanted to savor and sip that Pannepot, especially since it was the only one that we had! After returning to the (then) beer-wasteland of Texas, we made it our mission to find more of this delicious nectar and to find out all that we could about this strange-sounding brewery in Belgium (we mistakenly called it "de-streees"). Jennifer called Shelton Brothers Importers, and we called every bottle shop in the surrounding states. Texas, at that time, did not even carry Rochefort but we were able to find that in Oklahoma. We looked up and called every Oklahoma bottle shop that we could find, thinking that if they had Rochefort, they might have Struise. No luck. A bunch of puzzled replies was all that we got. We managed to find a couple of bottles of Pannepot here and there on travels to the West Coast but we still longed for that tasty elixir. Fast forward to now and Texas still does not get Struise distribution but I'm fortunate to have been to the school house, to have shared a beer with Urbain himself more than once, and to have about 60 Struise beers in our cellar at this moment. What started with that small, rushed sip in California has become one of our greatest joys.
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